Quiz: Test Your Knowledge

Lesson 14 Module 2

Question #1

Hashtag searches on YouTube will populate more results than a normal search.

True or False?

Question #2

Setting multiple alerts in Google Alerts will...

  1. Allow you to get a wider variety of ideas based on different keyword terms. 

  2. Potentially annoy you based on how often you set the frequency to.

  3. Both of the Above

Question #3

The reason a review of a Verified Purchase on Amazon is valuable is because it's usually the opinion of someone who's actually purchased the product.

True or False?

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Why: Hashtags are a more specific kind of search option than a standard search.  Therefore, the results will be more limited, although they will also be very target in terms of user intent.

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3.  Both of the Above

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Why:  People want real opinions from real customers.  Generally speaking, the more specifically detailed and real an answer seems from a Verified Purchaser, the more like it is to be real and valid (compared to fake reviews, which are also possible, but not as likely).